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    Maison Cailler… Chocolate factory

    Maison Cailler is the Chocolate house of the cailler chocolate, which is the oldest Swiss chocolate brand.

    I was always fascinated by the Swiss chocolatiers. I love chocolate, therefore, visiting Maison Cailler was necessary!:)

    Brand is almost 200 years old, it was founded in 1819 by Francois-Louis Cailler. Historical building of the chocolate factory is located in the beautiful La Gruyere region, in Broc.

    Swiss chocolate is well-known all over the world, that’s why visiting the chocolate factory is one of the top Swiss attractions.

    Good to know:

    Opening hours: Every day; Nov – March 10:00 – 16:00; Apr – Okt 10:00 – 17:00

    Prices: Adults – 12 CHF

    More info on

    Audio guides are available in different languages: French, German, English, Russian, Chines and others. There are lockers for the clothes (require 2 CHF or 2 EUR), which is very comfortable in the cold season. Also, nobody can miss the souvenir and chocolate shop. Moreover, after the excursion one can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or some other drinks with sweet treats at the cafeteria. There is a playground for kids.

    The tour is very interactive and interesting. Visitors can enjoy the fascinating historical journey from finding the cocoa beans to the modern production. Learn a lot about different Swiss chocolate manufactures and their cooperation. For example, today Cailler is the only Swiss manufacture that use the condensed instead of powdered milk in the milk chocolate production. That’s why the chocolate has flavorful milky taste and is so creamy. Also, in 1929 Cailler became a brand of the Nestle Group. In addition, one can watch the multimedia show, and, of course, taste the delicious and fine chocolates.

    Don’t forget to get couple of boxes for yourself, friends and family! So later you can enjoy the incredible taste of this fine chocolate!:)

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me -> GET IN TOUCH


    Yuliia Caliskan
    At MonAme Magazine, I’m in charge of content and publication. I am passionate about all things new and sustainable - traveling, food and active lifestyle. As an MD specialized in Dermatology, I also always keep myself up to date about new advancements in beauty and cosmetics industry.

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