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    Top 10 Picture-Perfect Spots In Zurich

    Whether you are travelling to Zurich for the first time or live in this beautiful city, there are plenty of places for inspiration and dazzling pictures. Here are Top 10 picture-perfect spots in Zurich for a memorable experience and great photos.

    NB! Please check the latest travel restrictions and government recommendations regarding COVID-19 while planning your trip.


    The Grossmünster is one of the signature landmarks in Zurich, and for a good reason, prevalent among both tourists and photographers. It is an important part of culture and history, and it also has a remarkable architectural style.

    Just because the church is so well-known doesn’t mean it cannot surprise you. For example, for most visitors, the Cloister of Grossmünster is still a hidden gem. Such a beautiful, peaceful oasis in the heart of the city. Another insider tip – the southern tower has an observation deck with a panoramic view over the city and the lake. However, you would need to climb 187 steep steps in a very narrow space to reach it.


    • Location: the church itself is located on Grossmünsterplatz, you can’t miss its two spectacular towers. As for the Cloister, you can enter it through the separate door on the left side from the main entrance of the church.
    • Both the church and its Cloister are open for the public and free of charge, but the access to the southern tower is CHF 5. – per person for adults.
    • There is no lift to the observation deck.
    • Opening hours for the Cloister: Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm.

    2. Rote Fabrik & Cassiopeia boardwalk 

    Rote Fabrik is a former factory in the Wollishofen neighbourhood of Zurich. Nowadays, it is an art and music centre with a very captivating style. It’s one of my favourite places for photos and inspiration! Not only this place is unique and vibrant, but it is also very dynamic. You would find amazing graffiti works there, and the best part is – the art is constantly changing and evolving. Therefore, each time you come, you’d find new styles and illustrations.

    Cassiopeia boardwalk is an impressive 284m walkway along the left bank of Lake Zurich next to Rote Fabrik. It’s great for relaxing walks and eye-catching pictures with a spectacular Alpine panorama in the background. And can you imagine jogging literally on the lake in the morning?! Incredible! :)

    3. Lake zurich and Pavilion Le Corbusier

    To say that the lakeside in Zurich is popular during summer is to say nothing! :) Ultimately, it’s the most favourite place for swimming, picnicking, jogging, relaxing with family and friends, photo shooting, you name it. Obviously, you would find it very crowded after work hours. However, come early in the morning, and you would enjoy the serenity of nature as well as one of the best locations for taking beautiful photos.

    Pavillon Le Corbusier is a Swiss art museum, located in the park at Zürichhorn in the Zürich-Seefeld neighbourhood. Established in 1967 by Heidi Weber, the museum is dedicated to the Swiss architect Le Corbusier’s work. The spot behind the Pavillon is a nice quiet place for summer picnics.

    4. The Swiss National Museum (Landesmuseum)

    This castle-like museum is located behind the Main Train Station (Hauptbahnhof) and displays a large collection of artefacts and documents showcasing the history of Switzerland. Highly recommended for visiting and learning some interesting facts about this beautiful country. The courtyard and the park behind the museum are open for the public, free of charge and great for taking photos.

    You may also be interested to sneak peek the inside of this and other museums in Zurich -> ZURICH MUSEUMS NIGHT.

    5. Schanzengraben Promenade

    This picturesque canal along the former city fortification forever concurred my heart with its peaceful and tranquil feeling. It’s hard to believe that such a place runs through the buzzing city centre, from the main train station all the way to the lake. I call it “a little ZVenice”.

    6. Swiss Heritage Center at the Villa Patumbah

    Villa Patumbah is only a couple of minutes walking from the Zurich Botanical Garden in the Zürich-Seefeld neighbourhood. It has an exhibition of construction culture inside, but my focus here is its incredible Renaissance-inspired architecture and the garden. The garden is open to the public without admission fees.

    7. The Uetliberg

    Zurich’s home mountain – Uetliberg, is a part of the Albis chain and rising to 870 m. You can easily access it with a train from the main station or challenge yourself for a 2-hours hike to the top, with a rewarding panoramic view of the entire city and the lake.

    8. Zurich-West

    Zurich-West is yet another trending neighbourhood in the city. The place for gathering striving artists, musicians, designers and trendsetters. This neighbourhood has so much character and style! Experience its dashing atmosphere, and don’t forget to take photos on the way! :)

    Some must-see places: Frau Gerolds Garten, Freitag Flagship Store, Prime Tower and Viadukt Arches.

    9. Chinese Garden (Chinagarten Zürich)

    The Chinese Garden was a gift to the people of Zürich from the Chinese partner town of Kunming. It is one of the highest-ranking temple gardens outside of China. This elegant oasis of tranquillity is open for visitors daily from 11 am to 7 pm. The entrance is free of charge.

    10. The Fraumünster church and Limmat promenade

    The Fraumünster church is another city’s iconic landmark famous with Chagall’s windows and picturesque architecture. We also find it very dramatic and photogenic under the rain.

    Following a charming narrow route from the Fraumünster church along the Limmat River, you will find several photogenic spots, including an arched corridor, a cute little park and a metal river passage. Scroll a bit uphill from there, and you’ll find a nice quiet Lindenhofplatz overlooking the city.

    Let me know in the comments below what your favourite places for inspiration and photos in Zurich are.

    Finally, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Be healthy and wealthy! :)

    Yuliia Caliskan
    At MonAme Magazine, I’m in charge of content and publication. I am passionate about all things new and sustainable - traveling, food and active lifestyle. As an MD specialized in Dermatology, I also always keep myself up to date about new advancements in beauty and cosmetics industry.

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