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    Zzysh – innovative preservation method for wine and sparkling wine

    Zzysh – innovative preservation method for wine and sparkling wine.

    How often does it happened to you that you want to enjoy a glass of your favourite wine during dinner and keep the rest for later? That happens quite often to me! And obviously, I want it to taste as good as it did the day it was opened :)

    That’s why I was happy to discover Zzysh with its innovative preservation method. I was so excited to try it out, and shall say it works awesome! :)

    I’m happy to share some details about this method with you.

    Good to know:

    • Zzych was found in 2009 by Swiss entrepreneur Manfred Jüni.
    • There are two types of preservation methods: Zzysh for wine and Zzysh for champagne.
    • With this stopper you may preserve the wine, champagne and sparkling wine bottles up to 6 weeks.
    • The starter-sets from Zzysh include a flexible closure, a zzysh handpiece and a matching cartridge.
    • Zzysh stopper fits on all traditional wine bottles.
    • The Zzysh cartridges are produced in Austria according to the standards of the food industry.
    • The Zzysh wine dispenser contains 100% pure argon gas. A zzysh wine cartridge is enough for up to 8 applications. Applications depend on the filling capacity of the bottles.
    • The Zzysh champagne cartridges contain a mixture of 70% argon gas and 30% carbon dioxide. A zzysh sparkling wine cartridge is suitable for up to 4 applications depending on the filling capacity of the bottles.
    • The price for the Zzysh champagne or wine starter-set is around CHF 90.00.
    • The new cartridges as well as additional seals could be purchase separately.
    • The set of 5 cartridges will cost around CHF 25.00.
    • If you are interested in purchasing Zzysh, they are available exclusively at the Mövenpick wine cellars and in the Mövenpick online shop. 

    How it works:

    • The reason for the taste and flavour changes is the oxidation process, which starts as soon as oxygen combines with wine.
    • Argon gas is an odorless neutral gas, which protects wine and sparkling wine from oxidation and changes in flavor, color and taste after opening.
    • The proportion of carbonic acid also prevents the sparkling wine from breaking down.
    • The whole system works very easy in 4 steps:

    1. Open it – open a bottle of your favourite wine or sparkling wine.
    2. Close it – when you are done, close the bottle with a Zzysh seal.
    3. Zzysh it – place a Zzysh handpiece on top of the stopper and press it down for 3-4 seconds. Your favourite drink can now be safely stored up to 6 weeks.
    4. Enjoy again – open it again when you want to and enjoy glass after glass.

    I found Zzysh simple-to-use and very functional. It’s such a convenient system. I can enjoy one glass of wine, champagne or prosecco without wasting the rest of the bottle.

    How do you store your wine and champagne? Have you tried Zzysh? Share your experience in the comments below.

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me -> GET IN TOUCH.


    Yuliia Caliskan
    At MonAme Magazine, I’m in charge of content and publication. I am passionate about all things new and sustainable - traveling, food and active lifestyle. As an MD specialized in Dermatology, I also always keep myself up to date about new advancements in beauty and cosmetics industry.

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